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Shropshire Housing Alliance (SHA)

The Shropshire Housing Alliance

Was established in February 2008 by merging Homeless in Oswestry Action Partnership, Housing Young People in Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Furniture Scheme. SHA serves individuals and families facing Homelessness and Housing Problems in Shropshire by providing comprehensive housing advice, information, education, accommodation and support services. SHA operates furniture schemes that help people in the North of Shropshire once they have accessed accommodation. SHA has social and environmental objectives that aim to improve the quality of life for individuals and the quality of the environment in Shropshire.

SHA is a charity and a Company limited by Guarantee and has a turnover of around £800,000 per year and employs 34 staff and has around 30 volunteers delivering services from 5 towns in Shropshire. The organisations that merged to form SHA had a strong community presence and goodwill from the local community these strengths have been taken up by SHA and there continues to be a strong local identity. Find out more about the Shropshire Housing Alliance.


South Shropshire Furniture Scheme (SSFS)

The Furniture Scheme logo

Since 1994 South Shropshire Furniture Scheme has been working to alleviate poverty and eliminate discrimination through the provision of low cost essential household equipment. The delivery of SSFS’s core services are made possible by a dynamic and driven approach that has led to the organisation becoming a diverse and innovative flagship social enterprise.
The furniture scheme’s ethos is one of equality, enablement and involvement; particular focus is placed on providing opportunities to the unemployed and socially disadvantaged. The scheme’s diverse activities and operations include a Reuse Centre, Carpentry Workshop, Renaissance Centre retail outlet, bookshop and a community centre. Across the organisation SSFS offers extensive training and volunteering opportunities in a wide range of skills, empowering both individuals and communities.  Find out more about South Shropshire Furniture Scheme.


Cheshire Furniture Re-Use Forum (CFRF)


Reviive is a member of Cheshire Furniture Re-use Forum (CFRF)

 The Forum is made up of 12 local, community based organisations that collect quality reusable furniture and household appliances throughout Cheshire and donate or sell it at low cost to individuals and families in need, create work placements and train volunteers and use any surplus for social projects.

 The organisations focus on disadvantaged areas and groups and:

  • support people on their own and families when they need it most, helping people to set up home or access furniture they can’t afford.
  • help the environment by stopping lots of good quality furniture ending up on landfill sites.
  • provide training and volunteer opportunities which can help people find a job.

In 2011 the projects re-used 601 tonnes of furniture and white goods, helped 29,000 people, provided 7 new jobs and 227 volunteering opportunities.