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Click the green 'Donate furniture' button to tell us about unwanted furniture you’d like to donate. If you can bring it to us that would be great, as you’ll help us out and save us money, but we are able to offer a pick-up service.

There are 3 things to remember before you get started…

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When you fill out this form, we will contact you to confirm your donation. We can only pick-up donations Monday through to Friday with morning slots between 9am-1pm and afternoon slots between 1pm-5pm.

We’re lucky enough to have lots of donations (thank you!) but that does mean we are very busy getting them ready for the showroom. So you can expect your donation to be allotted a collection date within 7 working days.

The world of reuse is often about opinions. That is to say everyone has an idea about what condition household items are in and whether they can be reused. It might be obvious but occasionally people are disappointed when we don’t accept items based on their condition or type, so we hope these TOP TIPS will help with the decision process. If you are still unsure, then you are of course welcome to contact us for clarification.


  1. Is the item to be donated in good condition and if so, does it have some useful life left in it?
  2. Has the item been kept out of the rain and other potentially damaging weather?
  3. Sofas and mattresses must be clean and have a fire label.
  4. Electrical items must be working and have the lead and plug attached. Only flat screen TVs are accepted. Video cassette recorders/players are not accepted.
  5. White goods must be less than ten years old.
  6. Wooden furniture doesn’t have to be in perfect condition because it can be repaired or recycled.
  7. Flat pack and/or MDF based furniture is not accepted if damaged because it is difficult to repair.

Book your donation online

Alternatively, you can call us on 01743 588 458


Here are some of the items we accept:

Electrical Kitchen & Household Living Bedroom

Electric Cookers
Vacuum cleaners
Washing machines
Hair dryers

Waste bins
Washing up bowls
Baking tins
Ironing boards
Cupboards/wall units

Coffee tables
TV stands
Pianos (on assessment)
Chest of drawers
Small wardrobes
Bedside cabinets

All electrical items must be in working order.

If you are donating any soft furnishings they must have one of the following labels:

Fire safety labels

When you book your collection we will ask you the following questions:-

  • Are the Items clean, working and saleable with no stains or tears?
  • Do soft furnishings have fire labels?
  • Is there adequate access and parking at the property for our vehicle?
  • Are the items on the ground floor with appropriate room to remove them from the property?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, we will arrange a collection time and date to suit you. Time slots for delivery are between 10am and 1pm for a morning slot and 1pm and 5pm for an afternoon slot. Please be aware that we are unable to allocate specific times outside these slots.

Why donate to Reviive?

You will help us by giving the furniture you no longer need. We will take it from you with a smile and find a new use for it. This helps you, the environment and us because we sell it to raise the funds to employ staff and support our social aims.

Book your donation online


Because the cost of collecting furniture is so high and we have limited storage, we must be selective with the furniture we collect. Our van crews are carefully briefed as to the standard of furniture we will accept and what furniture our clients want. If s/he assesses that the furniture is not useable for our needs, s/he is given the authority to leave it behind.

There are some items we can’t accept for reasons of health and safety. These include children’s equipment such as prams and cots.